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ArmorFilm Anti-Glare Screen Protector (iPad mini 1/2/3)

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  • Optional Screen Cleaner Kit - unique wax system helps to avoid smudges & dust



Selecting a screen protector for your iPad is a difficult task. Pilots need to protect the screen from scratches and reduce glare which can make the screen difficult to read. However, not all screen protectors are created equally. We tested over 20 different protectors to find one that was easy to apply, reduced glare, did not add any image distortion and retained a smooth feel to the touch.

And, when you apply a coat of glass wax from our Screen Cleaner Kit, the protector feels like it is not even on at all. You can select to purchase the Screen Protector and Screen Cleaner Kit together and save.

For iPad mini. A total of two screen protectors come in each pack.

NOTE: Once open, Screen Protectors are NOT returnable. If you have a problem installing the Screen Protector, please contact us and we will help you.

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Product Reviews

  1. Works Great!

    big fan

  2. As advertised

    Simply put: works as advertised!!!

  3. Works As Advertised

    Was skeptical at first, but went ahead and bought this item hoping it worked as advertised. I use my iPad 90% for flying and the rest as an e-reader so the most important issue was for it to work in direct sunlight.

    After putting it on (which is a pain), I went flying at high noon and it worked great. Obviously it cannot cut ALL glare out but it cut 80-90% of the glare which makes the iPad unreadable. It was a huge improvement from not having any protector on it. I have not used other protectors so I cannot compare against competition but this one works great.

    Cons: A pain to put on. It comes in packets of two because you'll destroy the first on and hopefully learn from the mistakes. It also takes away some of the screen resolution. Small fonts are still readable but there is a slight resolution loss with the glare shield on it.