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ArmorGlas Anti-Glare Screen Protector (iPad Mini 4)

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When it comes to screen protection, nothing is better than the feel and clarity of pure glass. ArmorGlas is like having no screen protector on at all - you won't even realize it's there.

ArmorGlas is made of premium, ultra-thin tempered glass material. It is designed to preserve the feel and clarity of the standard screen on your device while adding a substantial level of protection.

ArmorGlas is made to protect the screen of your device from fingerprints and scratches and is very effective at absorbing impact to minimalize the chance of shattering your display.

** NOTE: The ArmorGlas for the iPad Mini is not recommended with the RAM EZ-ROLL'R™ mount RAM-HOL-AP20U. The mount too aggresviely snaps into place and has on occasion shattered ArmorGlas. **




  • antiglareicon.png
  • Anti-Glare:
    Light hits the etched surface of the ArmorGlas and is scattered, eliminating glare and mirror effects
  • crystalclearicon.png
  • Crystal Clear:
    Designed for maximum transparency, giving you the natural high definition look



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The glass is coated on the back with a silicone adhesive that makes installation easy and attaches the film completely so as to not affect the screen's touch sensitivity



An anti-smudge coating provides an anti-fingerprint layer for resistance to smudges and fingerprints



Sharp objects such as keys will not scratch the surface. If broken, ArmorGlas breaks into small pieces that are not sharp, making it safer than other glass products



ArmorGlas is easy to apply with few to no surface bubbles. Zero residue if removed



ArmorGlas is made of real tempered glass that is 3 times as strong as plastic film screen protectors. Made from premium grade Japanese tempered glass almost as hard as a diamond with resistance of 9H.



The edges of the ArmorGlas are rounded to be chip resistant, to create a smooth feel and to deflect shock from bumps and drops




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Product Reviews

  1. Does what it's supposed to--protects and removes glare

    This screen protector works as well as previous MyGoFlight screen protectors that I've had, actually better. I have had a couple of chances now to use it in the cockpit, and with the brighter screen of the Mini 4, there seems to be no reduction in screen clarity at all. In my old Mini, the anti-glare MyGoFlight screen protector seemed to reduce clarity just a tad, but not so with the new screen.

  2. Works well, not perfect

    This may be a one-off issue, because I've had previous MyGoFlight screen protectors, but the upper left corner of my new one for my iPhone SE appears not to be "stuck", like the rest of the protector, like there's insufficient goo at that location. It doesn't interfere with use, so I've chosen not to ask for a replacement, but that's why only 4 stars.

    I can say from experience with the MyGoFlight screen protector for my previous iPhone 5s that it works. I'm not rough on phones generally, but I dropped my 5s in the garage, it landed face down on a pebble, and the screen protector cracked, but not the screen.

  3. Outstanding

    Your product fits very nicely.

  4. Good anti-glare

    Ordered the mygoflight anti glare for ipad mini 4 here online. Arrived safely via mail. It was very easy to install and without any bubbles.

    The anti glare is the most important feature of choice for me because when I pilot a glider in a bubble canopy with full sunlight coming into the cockpit I don't want to have a mirror attached on my knee (ipad) which distracts my vision.

    In this respect this product is doing a very good job.

  5. a must-have in the cockpit

    A world of difference

  6. Amazing screen protector

    Great product- very well packaged. Fits very nice- I had bought a Ipad mini 4 when it first came out, and its a little different than the prior models. Had a ill fitting screen protector on it, just until this arrived. Cleaned the screen, followed the directions, and the glass screen literally seals itself to the ipad. I love the anti glare, and the feel of the screen on my fingers. Good stuff, great company!

  7. Great product

    I bought this screen protector because I knew that I was going to get a quality product. I never knew that I was going to get amazing customer service as well. I am really happy and will definitely order from Mygoflght again.