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External GPS / ADS-B / AHRS

Best iPad External GPS for Pilots

There are many external GPS options available for all versions of iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini and iPhone and similar devices. We have done the leg work for you and narrowed it down to the three best for pilots:

  1. The Bad Elf GPS plugs directly into yout iPad, iPhone or iPod touch
  2. The Bad Elf GPS Pro connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to up to 5 iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, etc) at the same time
  3. The Dual GPS connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to 1 iOS, Android or other Bluetooth device
  4. The Dual SkyPro GPS connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to up to 5 iOS, Android or other Bluetooth devices

Why you NEED an external GPS for your iPad:

The WiFi model of the iPad does not have a built-in GPS antenna – an external GPS is a MUST if you require location services. The 3G model does include an internal GPS receiver, but it designed for casual ground use. It is not highly reliable in the air – accuracy that is less than precise and a tendency to drop the GPS signal. Accuracy and reliability are ESSENTIAL to help you get the most from your aviation apps.

These external GPS products are extremely accurate (WAAS-enabled) and highly reliable.