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iPad Apps, Internet Sites & Operating Checklist For Pilots

Flight Planning & Weather

  1. The Weather Channel App. Long range weather outlook by day and by hour. Alerts.
  2. Intellicast App. Detailed weather outlook by day and by hour.
  3. AirNav.com Internet Site. www.airnav.com. Site to find airports in the area in which you are traveling.
  4. Fltplan.com Internet Site. www.fltplan.com. Best route planner and electronic flight filing solution.
  5. Jeppesen weather products.
    1. Icing
    2. Turbulence
  6. Fully familiar/trained on use of the aviation apps, set-up and emergency procedures established and proficient.

Pilot/Flight Information

  1. FAA - Pilot Information. Pilots portal - certification, training, regulations, forms, flight info
  2. Digitial Products from FAA. Terminal Procedures, Airport Diagrams, Airport/Facility Directory.
  3. FAA Preferred Routes Database. To look up preferred routes, TEC routes.

Pre-Flight Planning & Readiness

  1. Review weather and route information again. (Same as above)
  2. Garmin Pilot App. Terrific weather views overlaid onto enroute charts.
  3. Flight Service Weather Briefing - 800.992.7433.
  4. Flight plan filed - from flight app, fltplan.com or phone

 iPad Cockpit Readiness - MyGoFlight Definition:

  • iPad must be cockpit ready - iPad secured, and viewable and operable with one hand during critical phases of flight. Critical phases of flight are defined as taxi, takeoff, landing and under 10,000 ft. other than cruise. To see the complete definition and FAA perspective, click here.
  • Achieved through the use of iPad specific kneeboards & mounts.


iPad Check list items:

Before Flight - 5+ hours

  1. Apps updated, confirm operational
  2. Download data, confirm preent. (Run iPad Airplane mode on to turn off internet access)
  3. Route loaded in all aviation apps to be used. Favorite airports & charts configured/reviewed.
  4. iPad/external devices charged.
  5. Anti-glare screen on, cleaned.
  6. Chargers packed and ready for use for DC and AC power.


  1. iPad Settings - Airplane mode on then turn on Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cellular Data selectively
  2. External devices connected
  3. Flight apps running, GPS locked
  4. Route updated
  5. Screen locked as desired
  6. iPad secured, set min-brightness

In-Flight - Apps

  1. Foreflight
  2. Garmin Pilot
  3. WingX Pro7
  4. Jepp FD
  5. Flight Guide iEFB
  6. Xavion - PFD/Synthetic Vision, Copilot
  7. WindSock
  8. iBooks Aviation manuals


  1. Confirm position of on iPad.
  2. Monitor iPad battery level, charge as necessary.
  3. Monitor GPS accuracy & battery

Post-Flight Apps

  1. LogTen Pro for iPad Logbook. App. Now for both iPad and iPhone
  2. General purpose apps for email, Internet, entertainment, etc.