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iLevil 2 - SW

SKU: AHR-1010

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Fly Straight and Levil

Levil revolutionized the role of tablets in the cockpit by pioneering the first iPad compatible WIAM. By combining state-of-the-art avionics into a wireless, battery powered platform, Levil provided the gateway for Electronic-Flight-Guides to become more than just a flight planning tool, but a completely independent glass panel in the palm of your hands. We now introduce the iLevil 2 series, the world’s most technologically advanced WIAM yet and the most affordable and reliable way to complete the panel of your dreams

WIAM, what is it?

Wireless Integrated Avionics Module or WIAM is the new standard acronym established by us when referring to WiFi compatible systems that integrate more than one flight instrument, including, but not limited to AHRS, GPS and ADS-B receiver (weather and traffic).

iLevil 2 - SW

This portable Wireless Integrated Avionics Module “WIAM” combines the latest in GPS, AHRS and ADS-B technology to bring pilots a progressive backup solution that is both Android and iOS compatible. The internal WAAS enabled GPS and AHRS provide all the navigation information you need to turn your tablet into a real glass panel and also drive Synthetic Vision (Google Glass) and other devices. The Dual Band ADS-B (978/1090MHz) receiver allows you to monitor weather ,METARS, in addition to traffic information, all at your fingertips AND without any subscription. This means unparalleled safety and redundancy for the cockpit. This WIFI enabled system can be connected with up to 10 devices and is compatible with multiple mobile platforms, allowing pilots to choose from a wide range of Apps and devices making this product well suited for General Aviation.


  • AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference System)
    • No-drift technology: Your iLevil is individually and meticulously calibrated for optimal performance to provide un-matched accuracy even during aerobatics. Can others say the same?
    • Attitude is independent from GPS: Provides peace of mind at all times
    • No-lag, No-tumble: The AHRS data is refreshed at 14 frames per second, and the maximum rate of turn is 500 deg/sec! Suitable for aerobatic flying.
    • Drives Synthetic Vision: Provides the best calculated pitch, roll and heading information wirelessly to your favorite SV Apps.
  • GPS:
    • Supports WAAS : For better GPS triangulation
    • Reliable, accurate GPS signal:Eliminates GPS dropouts as opposed to tablet GPS
  • ADS-B receiver (978 MHz/1090 MHz):
    • Power efficient design: Maximizes reception while maintaining low power consumption, thus reducing operating temperatures and increasing battery life. We can go where others can’t!
    • Super sensitive receiver:No need for remote antennas! Captures weather and traffic information even where the competition simply won’t reach.
    • Amazing situational awareness:
      • Free in-flight weather information (USA only)
      • Air-to-Air traffic from ADS-B out equipped aircraft
      • Ground to Air rebroadcast of traffic (USA only)
  • Larger Solar Panel:
    • Charges battery extending run time for an extra hour during flight


  • WingX Pro 7
  • FlyQ EFB
  • iFLY GPS
  • Xavion
  • Air Navigation Pro
  • AHRS Utility

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