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ForeFlight gets SIRIUS about in-flight weather with SIRIUSXM !!
MGF highly recommends!!
I have flown with an XM subscriptions for ten years. So when I started to fly with ADS-B, people asked if I was going to give up my XM subscription. Many were surprised to hear me say "NO WAY". Why you ask? Well, here is why....
1. You have complete weather information on-board while still on the ground, before you take-off. No waiting for a signal to be found and loaded.
2. You have complete weather information on-board from your departure point to your arrival point, so no surprises ahead and alternative routes can be formulated well in advance.
3. You have more weather products available to you then are available from ADS-B. This includes information on lightning strikes and storm cell attributes.
4. And the high resolution Composite & Base
Reflectivity Radar image is easier to interpret.
Click Here to view an easy comparison chart from ForeFlight to explain it from their point of view.
Click Here to get SiriusXM for ForeFlight.