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iPad Kneeboard Folio C

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  • Aluminum rails underside with leg strap
  • iPad in rotating cradle, portrait position with clipboard in place
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  • Strap slides under the cradle when using Folio with cover folded under as a kneeboard
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  • Blank Clipboard
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$129.00 (You save $40.00)

Notes about the new iPad Air (10/27/14):

  • We have confirmed that this product fits all generations of the iPad Air (including the new Air 2) and all generations of the iPad mini (including the new mini 3).


Folio Style iPad Kneeboard with Rotating Feature

The iPad Kneeboard Folio™ C (including clipboard) is the perfect high quality leather, rotating aviation kneeboard, lapboard and everyday case for your iPad 2/3/4 and iPad Air.  Now you can bring an iPad with you into the cockpit of any airplane, train, car or truck where it can be held secure on your knee and lap. High quality, rich leather wraps the outside while soft and protective micro-fiber material lines the inside. The iPad is held by a form fitting rotating cradle that your iPad simply clips into. All of the ports and controls remain accessible so the iPad can be charged, synced and controlled when it is in its case.

Also available for iPad mini.

Aviation Uses
The iPad Kneeboard Folio C™ was designed for the demanding and exacting needs of pilots and the cockpit environment, and available for all. It is designed to accommodate all preferences for how you like to use it - both right and left hand, attached to the right or left leg, as a traditional kneeboard with the clipboard on the outside or as a lap desk. The cover can be wrapped fully around the case so that only the iPad is available on your leg for those cockpits or spaces that have minimal space. The choice is yours. Any way you choose to use it, your iPad will be secure in its place.

Marine Uses
The versatility of the Folio C allows it to transition seamlessley to the cabin of your boat. The desk stand option is perfect for using the iPad at the helm, giving the perfect view of your navigation and position information. In the galley use the iPad to display cookbooks and recipies when cooking for yourself, or the whole crew. The strap and rail functionality will allow the iPad to secure to your leg when seated and keep the iPad stable on your leg in rough seas. 


  • Made of high quality, genuine leather for a rich, luxurious feel
  • iPad low-profile rotating cradle provides solid rotation with stops every 5 degrees to secure the iPad where you want it
  • Two aluminum rails on the underside of the case frame your leg and hold the wide elasticized Velcro strap to hold the case securely and comfortably to your leg
  • Four rubber pads on the rails allow the case to sit on a desk or table securely
  • Can be used as a kneeboard or lapboard
  • The MyGoFlight clipboard secures with magnets to the cover when used as a lap desk or to the outside of the cover when used as a kneeboard
  • Cover can fold underneath the case to get out of the way in tight environments
  • Leg strap is removable when using as an every day case
  • Case strap is positionable to allow various desk-top configurations for tilting the iPad in position for the iPad in either landscape or portrait positions

The built-in stand feature enables you to prop your iPad at almost any angle on a table or other flat surface. A low slant is perfect for reducing wrist strain while typing on the iPad on-screen keyboard. A higher angle gives you a perfect position for watching movies or photo slideshows or when typing with a wireless keyboard. When the stand is not needed it stores neatly against the case and turns into the case's closure system. This keeps the front of the case closed and your iPad screen is protected when not in use.

The MyGoFlight clipboard comes in two versions - Pilot and Blank. The Pilot version contains useful information for pilots operating in both VFR and IFR environments. Blank is simply a blank clipboard with no graphics on it.

Remove the strap and you have a beautiful every day case to hold and use your iPad - one investment in a case can be used as a kneeboard/lapboard and as a protective case both.

Available Options:

  • Tilt Pad - adds a way to tilt the top of the iPad when in the case back towards you.
  • Pen Holder - A convenient and secure way to attach any pen or pencil to your clipboard.
  • Night Vision Clip - night vision protecting light that attaches directly to your MyGoFlight Clipboard.
  • MyGoFlight iPad Checklist Luggage Tag - a checklist to help pilots ensure that their iPad is ready for flight

Bundle With A Flight Bag:

The MyGoFlight Flight Bag PLC™ Series of flight bags are designed from the ground up for the "Paperless" cockpit and with the iPad in mind. They are durable, highly functional and very cool. Each of the bags are:

  • Made from soft, durable and water-resistant fabric which protects and cushions your iPad
  • Small enough to fit inside your regular carrying case, but tough enough to use by itself
  • Stylish in design and combines form and function to create a unique carrying solution
  • Comfortable to carry by hand with a soft, heavy duty strap
  • Equipped with a large front exterior pocket for AC adapter and other accessories
  • Equipped with a D-ring in the front exterior pocket to attach the optional Secure Clip Set, keys and other accessories

Choose one of the following:

  • Flight Bag PLC Slim EX - a three pocket expanded version of the Slim, with a front accessory pouch. Side D-Rings for optional shoulder strap. 12" W x 8.75" H x 2" D
  • Flight Bag PLC Slim EX w/Shoulder Strap - adds the shoulder strap with aircell technology for cushioned support to the Slim EX
  • Flight Bag PLC Pro is a sleek, full-size flight bag 13" W x 17" H x 7" D. Includes both the shoulder strap and backpack strap with aircell technology for cushioned support to the bag
  • Flight Bag PLC Duffel is a sleek, duffel style flight bag 21" L x 10.5" W x 10" D. Includes the shoulder strap with aircell technology for cushioned support to the bag

Complete The System:

The System is a complete package at a special price to give you all you need to make using the iPad in-flight or on the go work as smooth, safe and secure as possible at a significant savings. The System includes:

  • Choose an external GPS option - "Plugged" with Bad Elf or "Un-Plugged" with Dual XGPS or Bad Elf GPS Pro Bluetooth or NONE
  • DualMicro Rapid Charger - a 12 to 35 volt airplane/auto charger. Dual USB output for a total of 4.5a (2.1a/2.4a)
  • Secure Clip Set and lanyards - use to secure your GPS, keys, pen, or flashlight on your clipboard or in your bag when not in use. Helps to avoid losing expensive items!
  • iPad Anti-Glare Screen Protector - Protect the screen from scratches and reduce glare which can make the iPad difficult to read
  • iPad Screen Cleaner Kit - a special glass wax used to clean and protect the screen of the iPad. Can also be used on eye and sunglasses, computer monitors and aircraft avionics

We have confirmed that this product fits all generations of the iPad Air (including the new Air 2) and all generations of the iPad mini (including the new mini 3).

Product Videos

iPad Kneeboard Folio by MyGoFlight (02:03)
Demonstration of MyGoFlight's iPad Kneeboard Folio - unique rotating kneeboard and lapdesk. Folio C includes clipboard. For more information, go to http://www.mygoflight.com/ipad-kneeboard-folio-c/
  • iPad Kneeboard...
    Demonstration of MyGoFlight's iPad Kneeboard Folio - unique ro...
  • MyGoFlight Life

Other Details

9.75"L x 7.75"W x .75"D
Genuine leather
Colors & Finish:
Port Access:
All ports accessible
Aluminum Rails On Back:
Yes with rubber feet
Leg Strap:
Case Skin Option:
Apple Smart Cover Compatible:

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Product Reviews

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  1. Excellent product and amazing customer support.

    I cant speak highly enough about the customer service. I called to get a price on a Folio C, ended up buying one and got it in 2 days right before my Commercial check ride. It worked great, pass the check ride and now its getting put through the test by my 18 month old. I'll post up how it holds up. Well worth the money so far!

  2. Good product on the high price side

    Overall quite happy, shows signs of wear already however. (one months full time use)
    Knee strap awkward to put on as very tight, and have lost one of the rubber feet.
    I would rate this the best out of the three ipad kneeboard options we have found so far.

  3. Excellent produit

    Tel que décrit, nous sommes très satisfaits de cet achat. Frais de douanes en sus à prévoir pour les clients du Canada.

  4. Very nice product. Made well and works very nicely.

    Pros: Made well and functions perfectly. A little on the pricey side but worth it if it last as long as I think it will.

    Cons: Inserting the leg strap is a little more difficult than it should be. A starter tab of thin material on the strap would cure this issue.

  5. Good product.

    Excellent design. Highly useful for flight instructing.

  6. totally would recommend this product!!!!!!

    Tried my instructors and friends before buying. Fell in love instantly. It holds the iPad perfectly and the movable spinner makes sharing what you are seeing with the other pilot in plane. Made extremely well worth every penny! Th.e customer service of this company is as top notch as their product. Many thanks again for the speedy delivery

  7. Outstanding Customer Service and a Superior Product

    I recently purchased a second portfolio for my IPAD. For some reason the rubber feet came off. I called Customer service and Nic Martinez was very professional and courteous. I did not expect them to replace the whole portfolio but that is exactly what happened. Since I am a professional pilot and use the IPAD almost daily He sent one out immediately with a return slip for my damaged one at no charge. This is a company that is rare by todays market standards. Outstanding service, outstanding product, and an outstanding company. Thanks again.
    J Jeffries

  8. Excellent design, high quality materials

    Perfect kneeboard to mount your iPad and keep it secure while in flight, works very well in landscape or portrait views. Also one of the only kneeboards I found that also has a metal writing pad for jotting down notes. Keep in mind if you have any attachments for your iPad such as a wood back, etc they will most likely not fit. Overall the materials are great and the product is exactly as advertised, I don't know how I flew without it!

  9. Excellent kneeboard

    Elegant kneeboard, as a student pilot I'm impressed by the security for my ipad, easy writing surface, and it looks good.

  10. should have bought it at Oshkosh 2012

    Went to Oshkosh and saw the Folio and thought it was a little pricey. After months of research, expense, and testing I came to the realization that the Folio is the best kneeboard in and out of the cockpit. Picked up the Sporty's leather case and was not satisfied and had to return it. I'm very satisfied with the Folio C.

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