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iPad Takes Flight! EFB Challenge - Connected Flight™ Edition

iPad Takes Flight! EFB Challenge – Connected Flight™ Edition


Connected Flight™ is a combination of iPad/tablet gear, electronics, and methods designed to help pilots significantly simplify and minimize risks in flying. Mastering Connected Flight™ will help to reduce accidents due to loss of control, runway incursions and flight into hazardous weather - three of the NTSB’s top areas of focus to improve flight safety.

This seminar is designed to advance the use of iPads and tablets as an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) and a connection to critical flight information and on-board navigational systems during all phases of flight. Utilizing the iPad as the central information and control hub, pilots can communicate and connect with:

  • Current weather and traffic information
  • Navigational info & flight planning tools – georeferenced charts, moving map, terrain avoidance, synthetic vision, E6b calculations
  • Panel mounted avionics
  • Ground based flight support personnel

The goals of Connected Flight™ are to improve safety, reduce stress, simplify flight operations, improve aeronautical decision making, and increase the amount of time we fly in length and frequency of flights.

Attendees will learn how to utilize an iPad and Connected Flight™ for flight planning, understanding weather, and integration into their work flow and decision making during all critical phases of flight. Real world scenarios will be used to demonstrate this concept and show how it works – on the taxiway, on departure, when having to re-plan due to ATC requests or weather or emergency, on approach, and then landing. We will demonstrate how Connected Flight™ can connect an aircraft to people on the ground that can then provide support to pilots in-flight and assist in simplifying flight operations using technologies now available to everyone.

The intended audience for this discussion is pilots, flight instructors, flight operations departments, and flight ground support personnel.

Session attendees are encouraged to come to the seminar with their iPad/tablet charged and with their flight apps and data up to-date. This will allow participants to follow as scenarios are used to demonstrate what it looks like to have mastered the iPad in-flight and allow for a skills self-assessment.

Connected Flight™ Componets

Below is the list of products that make up Connected Flight™. Click to learn more about each product and to purchase.

  1. iPad/Tablet Mounts
  2. iPad/Tablet Kneeboards
  3. Anti-Glare Screen Protectors
  4. Device Power
  5. Tech Flight Bag
  6. External GPS
  7. ADS-B Receiver
  8. Satellite Communication
  9. Flying Apps

Upcoming Seminars

  • OSHKOSH 2015 | Oshkosh, Wisconsin - Monday, July 20 | 1:00 PM Central Time
  • OSHKOSH 2015 | Oshkosh, Wisconsin - Wednesday, July 22 | 1:00 PM Central Time
  • OSHKOSH 2015 | Oshkosh, Wisconsin - Friday, July 24 | 1:00 PM Central Time


Seminar Leader: Charles Schneider


Charles Schneider is an instrument rated pilot and a staunch advocate of pilots taking full advantage of advanced technology in-flight. He has always flown with an EFB starting with the use of heavy and expensive laptop computers. When the iPad became available, Schneider saw it as an opportunity to bring a low cost, securable, easy to use device into the cockpit to improve his flying. His goal with these seminars is to help all pilots make flying safer, simpler and more fun. This seminar series, iPad Takes Flight!, has been given to thousands of pilots over the last four years. Schneider is CEO of MYGOFLIGHT, a company that teaches about the benefits of using technology in-flight and maker of premium iPad/tablet gear and flight bags for pilots.



Want To Run Your Own Seminar: iPad Takes Flight! EFB Challenge Edition?

Flight schools, military and commercial operators are also welcome to create contests that can then compete on a regional level along with IMC Clubs. Interested operators should contact Charles Schneider by email on cschneider@mygoflight.com to discuss participation.

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iPad Takes Flight! EFB Challenge Edition Sponsors

Additional sponsors are being sought to help support this important work. Sponsors can provide input into the questions asked and will receive information of seminar results and findings. To become a sponsor, contact Charles Schneider on cschneider@mygoflight.com or call 303.364.7400 x111.

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