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Jet/Chart Holder Mounts

Jet Mount Kits, by MyGoFlight. Featuring iPad Mounts Designed for Gulfstream, Lear, Beech, Boeing, TBM and more.

The Mount: Pilot installable, adjustable, lightweight, machined aluminum, and easily allows the iPad to rotate and tilt. Rotation allows viewing approach plates & airport diagrams in portrait mode, and enroute charts in landscape. Available for Gulfstream, Lear, Beech, Boeing & TBM airplanes.

The Case: High quality, mountable everyday case. Smartcover compatible - iPad always protected. Attach to yoke using one of our Jet Mounts. Choose from the iPad Kneeboard Sport or Sport NR.

All mounts except the Universal Mount are not permanent, do not require tools to install and as such they do not require an STC for their use.