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Sight Line Display

The MyGoFlight Sight Line Display (SLD) puts critical flight information in a pilot's line of sight. The SLD has a very bright screen and can be easily mounted without blocking existing instruments. This makes it possible to have information from an iDevice (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) in a pilot's view eliminating the heads down time when viewing an iPad or iPhone. No need to sacrifice where you want to see information from where it is convenient to enter information.

I definitely think the SLD addresses the need to reduce heads down time and is priced right 
- Larry Anglisano, Aviation Consumer Magazine.

Skeptical. Tried iPads, iPhones, Androids, and other computers in my Diamond. The bright, Southwestern sunlight where I normally fly made them all unreadable inside my cockpit unless I shaded and held them at exactly the proper angle. Then I tried the MyGoFlight Sight Line Display (SLD). Mounted the SLD above the glare shield, tethered it my iPhone, connected it with the proprietary MGF SLD program, and, after a few attempts, displayed Garmin Pilot right in front of my eyes. And, best of all, I could see the display in the bright sunlight. It really works!
John O


The SLD deals with two major iPad shortcomings:

  • iPad is difficult to read in bright sun. The SLD has a sunlight readable display
  • iPad is difficult to mount in a pilot's line of sight without blocking view, controls or instruments. The SLD allows the pilot to mount the display where convenient to see it, and the iPad/iPhone where it is convenient to reach/operate it

SLD - Pilot Sight Line Concept           SLD - Installed


SLD Mounted Where Viewable, iPad Where Reachable



When should you consider using an SLD?

iPad Yoke Mounted Users – iPad on a yoke, as shown above, is moving making it hard to read, pilot has to look down to see information and can be cumbersome, block instrumentation, or conflict with controls.

The SLD is stationary, in the pilot's line of sight, and allows for head up, eyes out viewing. Pilots place their iPad on a yoke because their cockpit is tight on space and to mount it anywhere else where it was convenient to reach and operate would typically block instrumentation, view or conflict with controls.

iPhone/iPod Touch Users – these devices, while convenient to hold and operate, have small screens.

The SLD will add a second, larger, sunlight readable display mounted in the pilot’s line of sight while maintaining the ability to control/operate the device near to them. This would be the equivalent of using the iPhone/iPod Touch as an FMS to the SLD. The iPhone/iPod Touch would be very easy to secure when not being used to control the SLD.

iPad Kneeboard Users – an iPad kneeboard, while convenient to enter and read information, requires head down time to view.

The SLD will add a second display where it is convenient to see the information during critical phases of flight. Kneeboard users will find it much simpler and take less time to incorporate the iPad’s information into their scan and will eliminate heads down time once the view is set.

iPad Glass/Glare Shield Mounted Users – mounting an iPad off of glass or the glare shield has the potential to block view, instrumentation or conflict with controls as it has to viewable and operable within reach of the pilot.

The SLD will allow the display to be mounted where it is convenient to read information in a place which does not interfere with controls, view or instrumentation.


SLD Works With Any App!

The SLD will allow a pilot to have a second display wirelessly mounted up within their line of sight while their iPad or iPhone is within reach for entering data or choosing the information to be displayed. The SLD works with all apps right out of the box.

SLD w/ForeFlight                                 SLD w/WingX Pro7

sld-ff.png          sld-wx.png

SLD w/Garmin Pilot                              SLD w/Jeppesen

sld-gp.png          sld-jepp.png

The SLD takes advantage of Apple’s mirroring technology and allows all apps to be remotely displayed onto its screen automatically. The SLD is an Android tablet computer with an app that does the equivalent of what Apple TV AND a Wi-Fi router does all in a single, wireless, lightweight, battery operated self-contained unit. Using Google’s Nexus 5 or 7 along with an AirDisplay app, a second 5” or 7” display screen is created that has an extremely bright, crisp, HD resolution.

Pilots can create their own SLDs or can purchase the Google Nexus units from MyGoFlight when purchased with the app installed and configured for use as an Apple AirPlay device. Nexus devices chosen as they are the first Android tablets to offer upgrades to the operating system as they become available and for their bright, high resolution screens.



MGF SLD with Nexus sold as a package. Nexus device not available separately.


MGF SLD 16:9 screen format. iPhone 5+ & iPod Touch fill screen. iPad letterbox on screen.


Do NOT leave MGF SLD on glare screen when not in use. Avoid extreme heat.


Wireless connection to iPad AirPlay utilizes Wi-Fi. Nexus comes with Wi-Fi. Works with the Stratus Wi-Fi unit when using ForeFlight. Cannot be used in conjunction with ad-hoc Wi-Fi devices such as the devices from Sagetech.