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Sight Line Display

The MyGoFlight Sight Line Display (SLD) puts critical flight information in a pilot's line of sight. The SLD has a very bright screen and can be easily mounted without blocking existing instruments. This makes it possible to have information from an iDevice (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) in a pilot's view eliminating the heads down time when viewing an iPad or iPhone. No need to sacrifice where you want to see information from where it is convenient to enter information.

SLD - Pilot Sight Line Concept           SLD - Installed


Historically, there are over 2,000 runway incursions each year due to pilots not knowing where they are and not looking outside. There are sensational reports of pilots taking off from or landing on incorrect runways or, even worse, incorrect airports because they are looking outside and not at their instruments. The benefit of the Sight Line Display is to help bring information to pilots in a way that keeps their head up and eyes out. It takes upwards of 10 seconds for a pilot to look down, focus, read, look up and refocus. Mistakes on the ground and on approach occur during these times. These types of mistakes should be reduced to zero.

The SLD will allow a pilot to have a second display wirelessly mounted up within their line of sight while their iPad or iPhone is within reach for entering data or choosing the information to be displayed. The SLD works with all apps right out of the box.

SLD w/ForeFlight                                 SLD w/WingX Pro7

sld-ff.png          sld-wx.png

SLD w/Garmin Pilot                              SLD w/Jeppesen

sld-gp.png          sld-jepp.png

The SLD takes advantage of Apple’s mirroring technology and allows all apps to be remotely displayed onto its screen automatically. The SLD is an Android tablet computer with an app that does the equivalent of what Apple TV AND a Wi-Fi router does all in a single, wireless, lightweight, battery operated self-contained unit. Using Google’s Nexus 5 or 7 along with an AirDisplay app, a second 5” or 7” display screen is created that has an extremely bright, crisp, HD resolution.

Pilots can create their own SLDs or can purchase the Google Nexus units from MyGoFlight when purchased with the app installed and configured for use as an Apple AirPlay device. Nexus devices chosen as they are the first Android tablets to offer upgrades to the operating system as they become available and for their bright, high resolution screens.



MGF SLD with Nexus sold as a package. Nexus device not available separately.


MGF SLD 16:9 screen format. iPhone 5+ & iPod Touch fill screen. iPad letterbox on screen.


Do NOT leave MGF SLD on glare screen when not in use. Avoid extreme heat.


Wireless connection to iPad AirPlay utilizes Wi-Fi. Cannot be used in conjunction with ad-hoc Wi-Fi devices such as some Wi-Fi ADS-B receivers at this time.